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Irregular Plastic Led Ice Cube LIC-PS-009

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1. Eco-friendly&Safe
2. Logo and size can be customized
3. OEM orders are welcome
4. Colorful atmosphere

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 skinpacking,  outer carton

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40*30mm irregular crystal  Ice Cube, thickness:30mm

Funtion: Put into liquid such as water,beer or other drinks ect

Usage Descrption:
1. It's white
2. Waterproof and can float on water
3. If you need cold drink, pls put this cube into refridge before you put into cups. Then you can taste the cold drinks.

1. Material: Food grade PS
2. Reusable

It is good for Weddings, Birthday Parties, Food and Floral Arrangements, Parties and Raves,
Bars, Holidays, Night Concerts, Cocktail Parties...

This product creates a warm ambiance without flame, wax smoke or mess to clean the enviroment. 

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